“Bulgarian Face” of Women Entrepreneurship. Practical, Social and Media Discourse.

Today everyone is talking about entrepreneurship. According to some, a man was not born an entrepreneur and cannot affect his nature on purpose. According to others if we accept this way of thinking, we are about to give up the pursuit of our happiness. It is here that we find the true nature of the entrepreneur – with his unconventional thinking and fresh ideas, continuous improvement and never failing professionalism. And if a few years ago for entrepreneurs only men were considered, today we can say that on the stage of business appears the woman entrepreneur. She began to seek and assert her business ideas on the market, a market at which survives not the one that is strong physically, but the more motivated, the more responsible, the more flexible, i.e. the man with character. Robin Sharma says:

“It’s good to be awake and conscious in life. If your inner world is confused and sick, nothing from what the outer world has to give you will bring you happiness.“

It is no coincidence that I start this paper with this thought. I share Sharma’s opinion because the path, we, contemporary women with entrepreneurial spirit thread in our own search, turns to be maybe the most difficult, most important and most unpredictable one.

It is along this path that we can find out where we could be strongest and most useful, where our own leader feels best in her skin.

We are all aware of the tension and stress we undergo every day to please our kids, husbands, parents, employees, colleagues. How could we have coped then, if we did not have the ability of being strong, emotionally stable, resistant to crises and cataclysms, to ups and downs. Of course, we couldn’t have done it!? Some master survival techniques faster, others need more time and resource. It is especially in hard and difficult times like nowadays that each of us lives in their own crisis; strives to survive in the best possible way and, hopefully – not to lose faith in the better tomorrow. Every day we get convinced that life is a constant fight, and business – a simultaneous multiplering fight.

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